VIPole; a Must-Have Android IM App

Instant messaging is the core feature that makes every smart device smart. It distinguishes smartphones and tablets from ordinary phones. Therefore, the presence of a reliable IM app in Android, Apple and Microsoft smart devices is essential. If you are using an Android device, there is always a free messenger for Android that you can use. There are tens or even hundreds of IM apps that you can download and install on your machines and new IM apps are continuously developed and released. Among newly emerging apps that you can find on Google Play Store is VIPole. If compared to already well-known messengers like WhatsApp and Yahoo! Messenger, this messenger may not be quite popular. However, there are many good reasons why you should try this app.

Reasons to Use VIPole as Your Favorite IM App

Why should you use VIPole? The following are some good reasons why VIPole will satisfy all of your instant messaging needs.

  1. It is a free software that has most features of both free and paid IM apps.

Users who are familiar with free messengers like WhatsApp and paid proprietary apps like BlackBerry Messenger and Beejive will not be disappointed when using this app. No matter what kind of IM activities that they can do using those messengers, they can always do them using VIPole. VIPole is great for performing voice calls, video calls, group calls, video conferencing, and other activities that you often do using an IM app.

  1. It handles file transfer efficiently.

Thanks to its cloud storage system that is continuously synched with local storage system, you can now handle file transfer more conveniently. If there are documents that you want to share when you are chatting with your colleagues, this im messenger android can help you share them.

  1. VIPole uses sophisticated security system. With its high security and strong encryption, your privacy will be preserved and your communication as well as all data that you store in its cloud storage system will not be lost or stolen. You will not have to worry anymore about backdoors and snooping. VIPole’s powerful security system makes it a great IM app for both personal and business uses.
  2. VIPole allows you to be connected with users of all platforms.

You can use VIPole on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux computer when you are at home or in your office. When you leave your home or workplace, you can use VIPole on your Android phones or tablets. VIPone is compatible with almost all popular platforms. This makes VIPole a versatile IM app that allows you to be connected with more people.


VIPole is a versatile free IM app that gives you all features of a powerful IM app, including the paid one. It is not an ordinary app that allows easy and affordable video calling, but also a cloud-integrated app that allows you to handle the storage and delivery of your digital data more securely and conveniently. Visit its website for free messenger download for android if you want to try it.

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