The Creative Arts as Part of an Effective Treatment Plan

Studies have shown a relationship between the creative arts and a person’s physical and emotional well being. Individuals who participate in various types of art find their emotional health improves while their physical fitness level increases. Children often find it difficult to express themselves through traditional methods, such as words, yet discover they can let their emotions out through the creative arts. This technique has been used for more than a century, but only became a profession in 1991. Why are so many turning to the creative arts to help children who haven’t been assisted using other methods?

Research indicates music can soothe the soul while decreasing anxiety, as reported by MR Lane and J Mettner. A person’s emotional balance may be restored, and some literature suggests the auditory stimulation helps patients gain control over their pain. Neural activity in the brain may be calmed, which helps to restore effective immune system functioning also. Symptoms of depression tend to decrease as patients listen to music, and the majority of those taking part in this type of therapy report it is a positive experience. For this reason, many parents now look to music therapy when searching for treatment options for their children.

In addition, research indicates the use of creative arts helps to improve social functioning, both of the physical and emotional type. This includes not only music, but theater, crafts and more. Children need to find new ways to express themselves, and the arts are a great way to do so. As more schools move to reduce creative arts programs, due to a lack of funding, children lose these opportunities to express themselves. As a result, children may be acting out more, leading parents to look for intensive intervention methods that will get their child back on track.

To learn more about the creative arts as part of a treatment program, head to Lava Heights Academy. This residential facility works with children between the ages of 12 and 18 who struggle with various aspects of life. The center offers art, dance, drama and music therapy as part of a larger program to help children overcome any challenges they are facing and live life to the fullest. It’s one option every parent should check out.

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