Stop Shaving and Remove Hair Without Quick Regrowth

One of the most annoying personal care practices people endure is hair removal. While there are many different approaches, not all of these yield wanted results. Shaving is the most popular method of removing hair, but it can often leave behind stubble, ingrown hairs and does not keep the hair away for long. The endless cycle of shaving can become tiresome and annoying. Another method has been popular for many years, allowing people to say goodbye to their unwanted hair for longer periods of time.

Waxing is one of the most effective methods of removing hair. Though there is some slight discomfort, the hair is removed from the follicle instead of being cut off at skin level. With this removal approach, hair does not grow back as fast and rarely causes embarrassing stubble or painful and irritating ingrown hairs.

When this treatment is carried out, the client is may be numbed with a special numbing agent if they are concerned about feeling any discomfort. Some estheticians will also apply talcum powder to ensure the wax does not stick to the skin and cause irritation. Once the area being treated has been prepared, the wax will be applied.

The wax used in these hair removal treatments is kept warm, but not overly hot. Most people find the warmth soothing to their skin. Once the wax is applied, the esthetician will use special cloth strips to rub into the wax so the two become bonded. When this occurs, the cloth is carefully and quickly removed, bringing all the hair in the area with it.

Wax is applied with the hair growth and then the cloth strip is pulled opposite the growth. This is carried out on each area being treated until all of the hair has been removed. Though the skin may feel slightly irritated and be red, this goes away quickly.

Though results may vary, most people are able to keep their unwanted hair away for weeks after each wax treatment. As the hair does grow back, it often grows back finer and lighter so fewer treatments need to be carried out. With this treatment, people can throw their razors in the trash and experience an easier and more effective method of hair removal.

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