I Had Too Much Pain for My Age

I never really complained about my pain because I just accepted it as a part of getting older. Well, I learned not long ago that our bodies do start to slow down as we get older, but that most people my age were not hurting at the level that I was. I had told my doctor that I was moving slower, and he asked quite a few questions before recommending that I see the same Philadelphia chiropractor that he saw in the past. I was confused, and that is when he told me that my level of pain was not normal.

He suspected that I just needed to have some adjustments done, and he promised me that if that was it, then I would feel like a new woman within a week of my first appointment. Well, it did not even take that long. I made an appointment with the chiropractor that he recommended, and I was able to get an appointment for that same week. I went in early so I could fill out the paperwork, which included a full medical history. After that was completed, I was taken back to a room where I was then given a physical examination.

The chiropractor put me at ease immediately, and she explained everything that she was doing to make me feel even more comfortable. She then sent me for some imaging tests that were done right there, and I felt really good, knowing that she was going to find the root of the problem with all she was doing already. She showed me on the imaging results where my spine was definitely in need of some adjustments, and she also recommended that I have massage therapy since this didn’t happen overnight. She explained that while she could make significant improvements, it was going to require two visits a week. My first one was that day, and I honestly felt better when I left. It just keeps getting better every time I go back too!

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