How Drug Rehab Works

Drug addiction is a disease that affects every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your job and especially your health. When you become addicted to drugs your body feels that it cannot function regularly without the substance in it and it becomes a daily activity; in fact, it may become something that you consume more than once each day. Drug addicts often have the misconception that they do not have an addiction, that they can stop using drugs at any time. However, it is very difficult to stop using drugs without assistance; the reason for this is that your body becomes so used to having drugs in it that you start to go through withdrawals when you are not using drugs. With withdrawal comes severe illness and pain and drug addicts often resort to taking drugs to relieve this pain.
Unfortunately, it often takes hitting rock bottom for drug addicts to seek help from a drug rehab center or program. This often means losing a friend or loved one as a result of using drug. Perhaps you were driving while using and were in an accident and lost someone, or took another’s life. Maybe your wife and children left you and you lost your job. Whatever it takes, asking for help is a necessary part of curing the disease that is known as drug addiction.
An addiction treatment program at a rehab facility is not going to be easy for you, or whoever it is you know that has a drug addiction. When you enter drug rehab you will go through a period of detox, which is the process of removing all of the drugs from your body. This is done in a closely monitored room where doctors and therapists will monitor your reactions to your withdrawal symptoms while you are very likely sick and miserable. Once you make it through the detox and withdrawal process you will then remain in rehab. Some centers allow you to check yourself out at any time while others require that you stay a specific amount of time. During your time in a drug rehab facility you will undergo therapy sessions in both an individual and group settings.
Drug rehab will teach you to manage your lifestyle in a way that will help you to forgo drug use in the future. Individual and group therapy treatments will explore you’re the possible reasons for your drug use and allow you to identify the triggers that cause you to want to use drugs. You will learn to channel your addiction into other aspects of your life and you will be given 24 hour medical and therapeutic support during your stint in rehab.
Rehab is not a cure for addiction. You are the cure for your addiction. Drug rehab provides you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction. If you are not willing to use the tools in your life to stay away from drugs you will begin using drugs again.

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