Find Your Dream in Farms For Sale in Whitefield

Imagine a farm filled with a large herd of three hundred cattle, some beef cattle, some milkers, a new batch of calves every spring. With this comes long hours, morning and night in the barn, but what a rewarding feeling it is. Spend summer baleing alfalfa, combining oats, and wheat, and in the fall taking care of the corn. Then haul off to market what is will not needed for personally. Farming is a gamble, but it is a life you have always lived, and now it is time for you to own your farm, to raise a family, to get out of city life, into the wide open spaces.

Have you given thought about when and where your dreams will start? There are some beautiful farms for sale in Whitefield. Some are large farms like described above, but maybe you need to start a little smaller, possibly fifty to seventy five acres, just to get your “feet wet” as it were. Let those who know be the first to recommend checking with the For Sale Office in Bridgfords County. They have an exceptionally large listing of homes, apartments, and acreage. If you have some money tucked away in a small nest egg, stop in and talk to one of the capable agents about your dreams. Allow him or her to grow your dream into one that will enable you to plant crops.

Often times, you will be able to find farmland that is going to be auctioned off by the agents in Whitefield. If you and your extended family find yourselves short on equipment, those same farm auctions just may be the place to find the starter equipment you will need. The beautiful thing about farming and farm families, they tend to work together come harvest time. When one’s fields of alfalfa are in the barn, and yours are not, your neighbor will be over with his equipment to work your fields. At the end of the day, or after church on Sunday, everyone will gather for a thrasher’s meal, the best in the community, cooked by the farm wives from the whole community. Keep that dream alive, and grow it with your crops in Whitefield.

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