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Staying independent is an important factor for the elderly in Arizona. However, being old means having limitation in doing daily activities. It will also require the help of others. When someone has reached old age in which the body functions are no longer functioning properly, the elderly need a lot of help in carrying out their daily activities. Not to mention a variety of degenerative diseases that often appear with age make them requiring extra attention from the people around.
How to care for the elderly so they can live a better life?
There are two choices in caring for the elderly, in-home care or nursing homes. For those who embrace family values ​​and do not want to be away from their loved ones, Arizona home care services could be the right choice. These services allow the elderly to continue living at their own home and keep getting care and assistance according to their needs.
Care from the Hearth AZ is one of home care service providers in Arizona that has been known for its experience for over 30 years in the home care industry. This service provider is located in Sun City, Arizona, and is a non-medical home care services that focus on – what they called – Activities of Daily Living.
Common tasks performed by Care from the Hearth

  • Maintain the patient cleanliness, such as:
    • Bathing assistance, ranging from helping the elderly to stand up and make sure they are fine, up to full bath treatments.
    • Putting diapers.
    • Cleaning the patient’s room.
  • Helping patients’ daily routines, such as:
    • Dressing assistance, usually for those who have recently undergone surgery on the shoulder or hip.
    • Meal preparation, the nurse will prepare and make food for a few days when your loved ones are not eager to eat as usual, either normally or by using tools like feeding tube.
    • Medication reminder, take medication on time and according to the instructions is the key to self-recovery.
  • Accompany your loved ones everywhere. You do not have to worry if your parents want to go out for a walk, go to a salon, doctor, or shopping, because the nurse will be there to go with your loved ones.
  • Companionship. Sometimes it can be very fun if you have someone to share stories with. Keep in mind that taking care of the elderly is not only limited to physical health care but also on the psychological and sociological factors.
  • Providing motivation, attention, and passion.

In-home nursing care: what and why?
Home care for the elderly is an effort of the health care that can be done by anyone, ranging from health professionals, nutritionists, caregiver, to a social worker with the involvement of other family members who lived in the house. In contrast to the young patients who can fully recover after undergoing treatment in a hospital, a recovery in elderly patients still need help and assistance before they can fully recover to their original state. In some cases, even the recovery process is running slowly and stopping at some stage so that most or all activities need to be helped, so it needs special efforts to help them recover.

Benefits of in-home nursing care for the elderly and families.

  • In-home nurses allow the elderly to keep doing their activities at home comfortably. This is one thing that should not underestimate. With so many pleasant memories throughout the home, the elderly can stay in the comfort of their own homes even if the mobility is limited.
  • This service provides an opportunity for the elderly to enjoy life more independently with the help of caregivers.
  • The caregivers can really understand medical procedures that have to follow for the elderly, including a schedule of daily activities and personality conditions. A caregiver is focused to serve one elderly only.
  • Accompanied by caregivers, the elderly can improve their quality of life and no longer have to struggle with simple tasks.
  • Through in-home care services, the closest family will be greatly helped because their loved one has been well taken care of, ranging from medication, meals preparation, transportation, and so forth. Family members do not have to worry if they have to leave the elderly to go to work.

In short, Care from the Hearth is in-home nursing care provider to help and support the elderly to maintain their individual’s ability to get optimally independent as long as possible with the aim of rehabilitative, curative, and assessment.

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