Benefits of Seeing a Lawyer for Errors in Payment From an Employer

Employment laws can often be very complicated. If a person feels his or her employer is not paying them correctly, it can often be a difficult situation to remedy without legal assistance.

Many times an employee will have a dispute with an employer about how overtime hours are paid. Since Texas does not have its own labor laws, many companies may not realize they are still governed by federal laws when it comes to issues revolving how employees are paid overtime and at what rate.

This can be a confusing issue for many employers, and often they will make their own internal rules to govern pay. In addition, if a company is part of a larger organization based in another state, they may erroneously think the labor laws for that state dictate how employees in Texas are paid. Unfortunately, this is not the correct way to handle these types of payment issues, and it can often require a lawyer to help in proving this point.

Regardless of where a company’s home office is located, an employee’s pay is generally dictated by the state laws where they actually work. If the state has no labor laws, federal laws must be observed. Company rules cannot override these laws.

A lawyer will be able to go through the issue the employee is having with their employer and determine if there is a problem. They will also be able to gather the evidence necessary to determine the amount of money owed to the employee and the dates of time when the errors were made.

Many times the employer will recognize the mistake, and may work with their legal team to reach a financial settlement with the employee. However, if they still do not feel they owe the money, a lawyer will be able to represent the employee during a court trial where a judge and/or jury will decide if there is an error and the amount of money the company owes.

For most people who are facing issues with the way they are being paid, having a lawyer to help them with this issue can be the best way for them to solve the problem. For more information, please visit

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