Are There Safe Methods for Penis Enlargement?

I have been thinking about this for no particular reason, aside from things that I see on the Internet. It seems obvious to me that the guys that you see performing in porn are using some sort of penis enlargement, which I assume to be surgical. From what I can deduce the way that they do it is to remove some tendon or muscle from another part of the body and implant it in the penis. At least that is something that I read some place, apparently that is not how it is done though. I have looked up the information on some medical sites and there are a couple of different ways that they do it. The first method involves implanting a pair of malleable rods in the penis, which results in having a penis which is going to be somewhat rigid all of the time. The way that you get it to work is not really clear to me, they describe the concept, but it is not really clear to me just yet. The other thing that they implant is actually a small pump and a reservoir, this is obviously called an inflatable implant. That seems like something that there are a lot of jokes to be made. I would think that was the kind of implant that the mob boss had before John Gotti decided to remove him from the chain of command. It seems like it would be rather problematic. Of course both of these types of devices seem to be more focused on the actual functionality of the penis, rather than making it larger. I am sort of thinking that there must be some other method that I am not finding in my research. Obviously a pill that made it larger would be a big seller, but would probably be abused.

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