Are Pheromone Colognes the Ultimate Woman Magnets?

There are a lot of mysteries about the dating jungle. One of most common is why some average-looking men seem to be surrounded by women while other, better-looking, guys have to work hard to get attention. Many believe that naturally occurring pheromones are the answer, which is why pheromone colognes have become popular. Sites like offer explanations for their effectiveness, and answer questions that include:

Why Do Some Men Get All the Girls?

When women are attracted to men without actually knowing why, pheromones are often the culprit. They are chemical substances that the body naturally secretes through the naval, genitals, and armpits. Since their scent bypasses the conscious thinking part of the brain, they often affect women who do not even realize it. Women simply receive a subtle message that a particular man is just what they are looking for.

Can Natural Pheromone Production Be Increased?

They body produces pheromones all the time and the substances are released through the skin. Bathing reduces the amount, but obviously men cannot give up washing to attract women. Poor hygiene would actually mask pheremones’ scents. However, exercise and saunas help increase production. Sprays can help but cannot be overused because they can cover natural scents that attract women.

Do Pheremone Colognes Attract Women?

Men who wear pheromone colognes automatically feel more confident at a deep level and confidence is one thing that women love. Wearing the colognes can also make men more aware of women who are trying to get their attention. Once men strike up conversations, the ladies are likely to find them funnier and smarter than usual, even if they do not know exactly why. Since pheromones work at an unconscious level, they draw women to men, whether they are attractive or not. Studies have been measuring pheremones’ effects on attraction for the last 20 years. They show that men wearing pheromone colognes attract more women and the women they attract tend to be interested in flirting and kissing.

When average-looking men are surrounded by a lot of women it is often because they are producing powerful pheromones. These chemicals occur naturally but can be enhanced by wearing pheromone-enhanced colognes.

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